Update on minimum withdrawal and network fees.

Thanks for skyrocketing WowMuch.Cash to #14 on DogeCoinFaucets.info! Due to the influx of new users and rising frequency of withdrawals, we have unfortunately had to raise our minimum withdrawal to 3 Ð and now enforce the 1 Ð network fee that it costs us to send DOGE. This information is now reflected when you go to your account page to withdraw. Thanks for understanding!

Proof of Funds

Wow so transparent, much trust. It's important to us! That's why we publish proof of funds for our hot and cold wallets.

Hot Wallet

Our hot wallet is the "online" wallet that Doge is sent from when a Shibe requests to withdraw their earnings. This wallet is kept online so the withdrawals can happen immediately.

Current Funds 0.00000000 Ð
Address A4TYPCMVJcZE4nLnxeYR5uuYupLTJTbDeo

Cold Wallet

Our cold wallet is a paper wallet we store offline in a safe place. When the hot wallet starts getting low on funds, we manually move more Doge over to it from the cold wallet.

Current Funds 10046.00000000 Ð
Address DNaZavu3mtHqA1wTdyo9eTfGtXJ4YJdFzt
Message wowmuch.cash cold wallet updated 01062018 1000 UTC
Signature HBCqZD7GM/saGqq0N2AaBTFWSebkZ70jVHJNBjLu2vPLArVz/+MMjXP9QnwKC3+X2MkkUvMVkARB1ReF+n+NSvo=


Liabilities are Dogecoins earned by our users that have not been paid out yet, either because they have not reached the 2 Ð minimum, or they have not chosen to withdraw yet.

Doge Turbocharger Credits Turbocharger Value Total Liabilities
3,881.45226238 Ð 188,692,736 296.50674468 Ð 4,177.95900706 Ð

Much copyright, very reserved rights in 2018 by WowMuch.Cash.

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