Update on minimum withdrawal and network fees.

Thanks for skyrocketing WowMuch.Cash to #14 on DogeCoinFaucets.info! Due to the influx of new users and rising frequency of withdrawals, we have unfortunately had to raise our minimum withdrawal to 3 Ð and now enforce the 1 Ð network fee that it costs us to send DOGE. This information is now reflected when you go to your account page to withdraw. Thanks for understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a faucet?

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website that gives away free crypto, in this case Dogecoin! Faucets like WowMuch.Coin make money from advertisements, and then share that money with their visitors. We also offer a feature called Turbocharger that lets you mine right from your browser without any software and convert your mined Turbocharger Credits into DOGE!

Where can I learn more about Dogecoin?

The official website is a great place to start, as is the Wikipedia page. Also check out this Wikipedia page for more info on cryptocurrencies in general.

How much and how often do you pay out?

The amount you earn each time you use the faucet can vary depending on how much our advertisers are paying us that day. Same goes for the Turbocharger. Ambitious Shibes can withdraw every day in most cases. Our minimum withdraw amount is 3 Ð, and you can withdraw as often as you want - no scheduled payouts, just click the withdraw button. We also don't use any unusual payout services, or require you to have an account anywhere. We pay out right to your personal wallet.

How do I know I'll get my DOGE?

We publish proof of funds here and publish all of our payouts here. If we for any reason think we won't be able to fulfill our obligations, we'll stop allowing any further tapping and will pay out every Shibe immediately. Trust is important around here!

So what's the deal with WowMuch.Cash? Who are you?

Hey! Glad you asked. I'm a programmer living somewhere in the Americas (if you hunt down my Reddit profile, you'll probably be able to guess where) that had way too much Red Bull one Friday night. I recently got into Dogecoin and really enjoy the positivity of the community and wanted to contribute back. The motivation was a pretty equal split of wanting to give back and wanting to challenge myself with a new project. If you want to talk more, send me an email!

Much copyright, very reserved rights in 2018 by WowMuch.Cash.

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