Update on minimum withdrawal and network fees.

Thanks for skyrocketing WowMuch.Cash to #14 on DogeCoinFaucets.info! Due to the influx of new users and rising frequency of withdrawals, we have unfortunately had to raise our minimum withdrawal to 3 Ð and now enforce the 1 Ð network fee that it costs us to send DOGE. This information is now reflected when you go to your account page to withdraw. Thanks for understanding!

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About Us
WowMuch.Cash is dedicated to spreading awareness of Dogecoin and giving new Shibes an easy and fun way to earn their first Doge. We pay out 100% of our revenue from advertisements, Turbocharger cryptocurrency mining, and donations minus expenses. We're also the first fully transparent Dogecoin faucet that publishes hot and cold wallet Proof of Funds, liabilities statements, and revenue statements.

If you're an old Shibe and have a few Doge to share, we would love to accept your donation to keep WowMuch.Cash alive. Please send donations directly to our cold wallet address, DNaZavu3mtHqA1wTdyo9eTfGtXJ4YJdFzt (also listed on our Proof of Funds page), and we'll move them to the hot wallet as necessary.

Donors can also have their name and an optional message listed here on the Donations page! Once you've sent your donation, send an email to [email protected] with a message signed with your Dogecoin address and we'll add it here.

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