Update on minimum withdrawal and network fees.

Thanks for skyrocketing WowMuch.Cash to #14 on DogeCoinFaucets.info! Due to the influx of new users and rising frequency of withdrawals, we have unfortunately had to raise our minimum withdrawal to 3 Ð and now enforce the 1 Ð network fee that it costs us to send DOGE. This information is now reflected when you go to your account page to withdraw. Thanks for understanding!

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We have two great ways for you to earn Dogecoin. Like most faucets we make money off of advertisements, and then share that money with you in the form of DOGE! Using our Turbocharge feature, you can earn even more DOGE just by leaving your web browser open! The Turbocharger will use your browser to mine cryptocurrencies, and then you get those earnings as well. The best part is that Turbocharger doesn't require a fancy computer. Heck, you can even use your smartphone if you want. Wow!


Unlike other faucets which pay out to special services that you have to withdraw from, we pay out directly to your wallet whether that be on your computer, phone, exchange, or even your paper wallet. Our minimum payout is 3 Ð, which means you can withdraw new DOGE every day!

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